Spring has Sprung!

Hello Friends,

These past few weeks have been very busy. School is winding down, and I began teaching a new session for Barbizon with a wonderful group of girls. Working out has become a top priority in my preparations for Miss Delaware along with continuing to work with my platform, find sponsors, and shopping for the perfect competition wardrobe!

I was notified today that I have been nominated for the second year in a row for the TOYA- Ten Outstanding Young American Award. I will find out the results on June 4th, shortly before Miss Delaware! This past week I was in Delaware for the Miss Delaware Orientation meeting which went very well. It was great to see all of my fellow contestants and friends, since I am not home as often as I would like. I was fortunate enough to work on my talent piece and have my wigs styled by the superb and generous Salon Rispoli! They have sponsored me for the past year and a half, and without the owner, Mario and his talented stylists I would look as if I have a rat's nest on my head!

On the drive from Delaware to Virginia on Saturday I found a little dog on the side on 301, a relatively busy highway. I pulled over and was lucky that she didn't run away from me. She ran right into my arms and thankfully I saw that she had an ID tag. While we waited for her owners to call me back, ZITA and I played in the field with one of Bridgette's balls. After about an hour, her owners were on their way and were so relieved to know Zita was safe. We really bonded, but I know that Kevin and my family were thankful that Zita returned to her rightful home, and not to mine :) Then, on Easter Sunday I went to Philadelphia to watch the Flyers win a fantastic game!!!

I have begun my final Children's Miracle Network fundraiser, and will make a separate post, for the sake of length to update you on the details. I pray that you all had safe and happy Easter's that were spent with your loved ones. Thank you so much for following me on my journey to Miss Delaware 2010, and wherever else life leads me.

Enjoy this beautiful weather!

Love, Kayla


  1. Hi, Kayla

    With or without your hair I am sure you do know that you look very pretty. I stumbled upon your blog somehow, and it is my frist time ever reading someone's blog.
    I wish you all the best in whatever you choose to do in life.


  2. My granddaughter was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata late last year. Our main worry with this is how other children will treat her and how it will affect her self-confidence.
    She's a sweet happy little 3-yr old right now but already we see the looks that people throw her way (she has several large bald spots already).

    When I saw your story I just had to write. You are such a beautiful self-confident woman. Can you give me some tips on how to handle any self-esteem issues Destiny may develope?

  3. You are such an inspiration to others! How ironic that I was watching a segment on a young girl with Alopecia Areata and they made her a custom wig just for her that would let her scalp breathe! It was very moving. We all take such things for granted! I want to say thank you for your touching story.

  4. Just had to tell you ..Go girl! I lost my hair 5 years ago and when I couldn't take the wigs anymore I went natural! They had no idea why I lost it..but 9 months later i grew it all back..if It goes again I will shave it and not be bothered..You are a gorgeous young lady and an inspiration ..God bless you in all you do!

  5. OMG! I love your head! You are gorgeous, especially with the wig off!!! I'm so very proud of you for being brave, informative, and confident! I love to pass on inspirational stories about women; and I'll be sure to pass this one on!

  6. Kayla congratulations! My daughter Tirah and I met you last year at the Alopecia conference in Houston. I am so touched by your story. I love your confidence and I hope my daughter can grow up as confident as you are. Right now she has Alopecia Aerata, so her hair is patchy with large bald spots but she still has her hair so far. We will be following you and hoping you go far.

    your friends, Janice and Tirah

  7. Congratulations on your win , best of luck..and go wigless !!!!! That's my vote !

  8. Congratulations!!!!

    I have Alopecia and I have had a hard time accepting the reality. I was happy to see a young strong lady going out an living her life. I only hope in time I will be able to accept what has happened after 47 years. Thank you for showing the world so they might understand.


  9. Hey Kayla,

    Congratulations on your win! I have had alopecia for almost 30 years. It was really tough growing up with alopecia, but it challenged me to learn more about the disease and related environmental stressors and now I am an environmental health scientist.

  10. Congrats on your Miss Delaware win! You are a true beauty, both inside and out. When I read your story, I instantly thought about my beloved Grandmother who had Alopecia. She lost her hair when she was close to 19 years old. She was the most confident woman I have ever met. She never made an effort to hide her Alopecia. Sure, she wore wigs and had a variety of them. But my Grandmother was an educator and she used her Alopecia to help educate others about it so they could have a better understanding of it. Back when she was just 19, most people had never heard of Alopecia! I am so proud of you for taking a stand and educating others about Alopecia just like my Grandmother did so many years ago. I look forward to seeing you on that Miss America stage as you continue to follow your dreams.

    God bless,

    Sherrie from So. California

  11. Dear Kayla,

    You are gorgeous with or without hair and an inspiration to many. I hope that your story reaches those in need of encouragement, with whatever their struggle might be. I wish you the best in all that you do. You Go Girl!

  12. Ms.Kayla,
    With hair, with out hair, it is just hair.It does not make you, its just a look.The true you, what is spoken, what is done, what the heart leads one to do, whom only God knows. You are a beautiful young woman.
    Keep in mind, I have a limp, but the limp does not have me! God Loves you!!

  13. Congratulations on your win; Miss Delaware! I have lots of family in Delaware.
    You are gorgeous without your wig, with the wig, etc. Whatever your mood, you can be!
    You are brave, beautiful, and deserve the crown. Good luck!! Gigi

  14. Hello Kayla.
    What a marvellously uplifting story. Congratulations to you on your win and on bringing the issues relating to hair loss to the fore in such a positive and dynamic way.
    I edit an online magazine for hair loss sufferers and would welcome an article from you.
    You can find the magazine at HeadHeadLines.com and reach me through the contact page.
    Best Regards,

  15. Hi Kayla,
    Congratulations on your win! You are so brave and I admire your confidence. I was diagnosed with Alopecia 11 years ago. At that time, I lost all my hair on my entire body. I am 31 now and still dealing with it, but some of my hair has grown back. I struggle with the idea of going without a wig partly because I hate it, and partly because of the financial strain it puts on my family. Still, the embarrassment I feel seems to trump it all. You have certainly inspired me. Thank you for bringing awareness of Alopecia to the public, and thank you for not being ashamed, as I have been. You truly are an inspiration.

  16. My wife of 28 years has had Alopecia for 25 years and hasn't a hair on her cute little body. She jokes that we save a fortune on shampoo, razors and shave gel :)

    You are proof that beauty comes from within...plus you are absolutely beautiful, smart, articulate and confident.

    Congratulations and many thanks for giving this 'hidden' disease the exposure it deserves. You are an inspiration. We love you.

  17. You are definitely Miss America material! Beautiful, intelligent, kind, compassionate and HONEST! I'll be rooting for you as you vie for the Miss America title. My prayers and hopes for a brilliant future is with you. You shine!

  18. Congratulations on being crowned Miss Delaware! I also have alopecia - have had it since the age of 23 (51 now). Currently I have enough hair that I don't need to wear a wig but as you know, its a condition that comes and goes. I wore a wig for over 7 years but now I cover my bald spots with mascara or eyebrow pencil. I also lost my eyebrow and eyelashes.

    I was certain I'd go completely bald after the death of my son in 2002, but oddly, it didn't happen. I write about my growth since my son's death on my blog at: greenmonkeytales.com

    best to you!!!!

  19. Hi Kayla,

    Thank you for being you and the words that you speak. I also have Alopecia where I am missing all of my hair on the left side, most of it on the right side, an odd but interesting pattern in the back and crown and a short narrow bald spot and a long narrow bald spot with hair in between. This aria I call my mini mohawk.

    This is my third time with Alopecia and the third dermatologist I am seeing. The first one just took my money and gave me worthless prescriptions. The second one gave me cortisone shots. My hair mostly grew back and it came in curly which was fun because my hair was stick straight before.

    This dermatologist that I am seeing now has told me that chances are that my hair will not grow back and if it does, it will probably fall out again as my birth father had lost every bit of his hair on his body.

    At first it was hard for some of my friends to look at me as it reminded them of their family members that had cancer. That was the second time my hair fell out and I hid it from them by wearing a hat.

    This time I let them see the hair falling out and they are fine with me almost bald as I shave my head because I don't like the patchy look. I'm lucky, I have a good shaped skull.

    I just can't see me wearing a wig because I am not a girly girl and I don't even wear make-up.

    I either want my hair and for it to stay or I don't want any hair at all. I am very fine without hair and I am the only one that I know that has Alopecia. I have met many that are bald because of cancer and they come up to me to talk because I don't wear a wig. They tell me that I encourage them.

    I know that this is very long. I really do appreciate having a place to put this and read about others like me.

    Thank you very much and thank you all that have written here. God bless you all.

  20. My daughter played softball years ago with a little girl who had alopecia. 12 year old girls can be pretty vicious, but one once they understood what alopecia was, it was no longer an issue -- all they cared about was whether or not Jennifer could play ball. And God help any team who made made an issue of her lack of hair!

    You are doing a remarkable thing by raising awareness about alopecia, educating others and reaffirming the beauty in those who have the condition.

    You've got a fan in Pennsylvania! http://imalldeckedout.blogspot.com/2010/06/true-beauty.html

  21. Congratulations, Miss Delaware! My granddaughter, Abby, has alopecia also. Thank you for being a role model for her and all others with it. Our Abby is just 7, but as your parents did with you, we are raising Abby to know that she is not her hair. We are so thankful that if she has to have a problem to deal with that it's just hair loss. You are truly beautiful...where it counts...in your heart. (And you are beautiful oh the outside as well!)

  22. My 5 year old daughter, 8 & 22 year old nieces have been growing their hair out for the last year to donate to Locks of Love & it is just about cutting time. Your article in People magazine gave them a real face to attach to what they are doing. We all agree, bald is beautiful & you are no exception!

  23. Well, Kayla, You have touched so many with your drive and your determination. You have inspired and encouraged my little girl. You reminded her and have shown her, nothing is impossible, even becoming a beauty queen. You are an inspiration and a role model to so many. Keep up that excellent work. You make us proud.

    I posted my own blog about you and about my daughter's alopecia...you can find it here if you are interested: http://gamecockmama.blogspot.com/2010/07/alopecia-beauty-queens-and-courage.html

  24. kayla you are truly an inspiration!! im a hairdresser with alopecia it fell out at age 32 when my mother died it grew back with sometimes little patches of baldness here and there, then in 07 it all fell out again and hasnt returned. fortunately i am a hairdresser and can hide it pretty well with wigs, but i would love to sport my bald head like you, but do not want the sympathy looks i get. unfortunately people think you have cancer. i admire your courage and hope one day i can be as courageous as you thankyou

  25. Congrats on your win! You are a huge inpiration, and I wish you the best of luck!
    I have had Alopecia since I was 7, and I am now almost 17. I read in your article in People magazine that you have also lost your eyelashes and eyebrows. They look so natural in pictures, and I was wondering what you do to make them look so natural?

  26. Hi,
    My name is Rachel Armstrong, I'm 17 from Canada, and last year was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, Through treatments I lost all my hair, and I found that to be the hardest part, senior year being bald,
    But then my dad saw you on Tv and told me about you, showing the world that you can be bald AND beautiful, traditional looks arent everything, it gave me so much more confidence,
    My hair has just started to grow back,
    But I carry the lessons I learned from you everyday,
    Thank you, keep spreading your message to the world, and being absolutely beautiful,

  27. You are such an inspiration, Kayla. I hope you continue to show the world that there's nothing wrong with wearing wigs or being bald. Beauty is not in your hair but in your heart. My wife loves you, Kayla! You have inspired her to hold her head high while wearing human hair wigs. I wish you well!

  28. Hola te felicito por el logro, también padezco alopecia areata desde los 10 años y es una lucha constante me gustaría que si alguien quiere hacer parte de mi blog me busque y compartamos juntos esta experiencia de vida.http://alopeciaareatafemenina.blogspot.com.es/