The Beginning

Hello Friends,

I have been encouraged, for quite some time, to create a blog. Having been a Communications major, I've met quite a few bloggers and I've seen just how relevant it has become!
I found out today that an amazing young woman, named Rachel, won the Martin Luther King Jr. Essay contest in her town! I am so proud of her, and I am honored to have been called her hero in her essay. My life has truly been changed because of the young women, and men, I have met in my travels talking about Alopecia. And I have been blessed to get to know each of them and to be given the opportunity to share my story.
Rachel is a 6th grader from New Jersey, who I met last year when I spoke at the "Let Your Hair Down Event" (see She has Alopecia, just like me, and she is so beautiful, inside and out! If you could read the essay she wrote, you would be amazed- she is very talented! I am so proud of Rachel for not only how well her essay was written, but for winning the whole contest! She rocks :)

Lately, I have been keeping very busy with the holidays! In November, I was asked to speak once again at the "Let Your Hair Down Event" in NJ. My mother and I had a blast, and the fundraiser was a huge success! I was able to get to know Joe Sernio ( see who is a very talented, and personable actor on All My Children!

I have started a new job at Barbizon, a new semester in college, and I have many exciting things in the near future! So stay tuned for the good things to come :)


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  1. Mucho animo Kayla. Eres una preciosidad con y sin pelo, de todas formas creo que nivel estetico es probable que te quede mejor la cabeza rasurada............Un beso guapa